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Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis

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The Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis is a hovering sphere with no remote control; YOU are the controller! Awe-inspiring Wave Control technology means you command its levitation with only your hand or your body, or use the catch stick to play with a friend. The Atmosphere Axis features lightweight but durable construction with a spherical cage frame. This enables it to bounce off walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to continue flying. The Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis has the technology to amaze, and you control it with your hand


  • The Atmosphere Axis has intelligent Wave Control auto-hover technology to sense and avoid obstacles, and YOU can control it with a wave of your hand!
  • Your hand controls its flight path, without even touching. Or bounce it off your body to do tricks. Or toss between friends using the catch stick.
  • Durable sphere cage design makes the Atmosphere Axis impact- and damage-resistant. Deactivate your flyer by pushing the charge base’s red button.
  • The Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis is made for pilots ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries to power the charge base.


  • 1 Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis
  • 1 Charging Cradle
  • 1 Catching Sticks
  • 1 User Instruction Guide

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